Easter Egg Hunt

On 6th April 2023, Britain celebrated Easter Egg Hunt day. This year, I took part in my first Easter Egg Hunt on 4th April as my company organised it in a scavenger hunter format, and I thought it would be fun as I never understood the reason behind the Easter Egg and the Easter bunny.

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My Dover Day Trip (2019)

Dover is the major ferry port in Kent which is located South East of England, as it is located on the narrowest part of the English Channel allowing the crossing to France using the trait of Dover. Due to its location, Dover is the busiest shipping lane in the world and it is also has a very reach history making this an excellent day trip from London.

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My Guanajuato Trip (2019)

Guanajuato is on of the most colonial state in Mexico as it had the most important mining cities while Mexico was a Spanish colony. Then, it was the state where the Mexican Independence movement started. Currently, all cities of the state have representation of the Mexican Baroque style which was very fashionable during the 18th century.

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