My Denmark Adventure 2014

Denmark is one of those cities that you do not know a lot much as is not a big European country but then you live in Europe and you find out all the amazing things that are there including a Royal family and of course the Vikings are Danish.

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My master degree at University of Liverpool 2002

My master degree research started in January 2001 as soon as I finished with my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering as I was just waiting for my graduation ceremony. My master’s research started as the same time as my job search. I arrived in Liverpool in September 2002 to start my Master in Science (MSc) and graduated in December 2003.

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My Portsmouth Day Trip

Portsmouth is the only island city in United Kingdom and is located in Hampshire, South East England around 70 miles (110km) south-west of London which is around a 90 minutes one-way trip. Portsmouth has a long history which can be traced back to Roman Britain and has been a significant naval port for centuries and was considered the greatest naval port at the peak of the British Empire (until 1945). Currently, Portsmouth is considered a great tourist attraction as it is close to London and can be covered in one day.

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